Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Marriage Is" by Missi Ynayan Singer

"Marriage Is" ~ a short poem by a newlywed.

Marriage is...
sometimes teasing
always loving

Life with & without Jeremy:
They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. I think it's true in its own unique way. My husband is on what some people call a year-long business trip. I didn't dread deployment; I am not as heartless as that may sound. The way I saw it, his departure was coming and there was nothing I could do to stop it. So the best I could do was to live, I mean really live. And because of this take-charge kind of living, I was able to enjoy every moment he was here, even when things weren't so perfect. It was amazing how life seemed to slow down for me. I am truly thankful to God for this amazing man.

I can't say too much has changed. I now have far too many leftovers, less garbage, and I tend to let small messes slide more often. Jeremy's habit of skipping salad and eating cold pizza has really rubbed off on me. =) Day to day life has changed. I keep my own schedule, and do some volunteering for the FMWR. I am also trying to keep up with my freelance work, though I haven't had much business in the past month.

One thing has, and always will, remained the same: Jeremy. No matter where we move to, or how far apart or close we are to each other, I will always have him by my side. It sounds strange to say since he's seemingly so far away. However, he is the kind of man who makes me feel like he's right next to me each and every day. I find that I don't "expect" to receive an email from him every day. He is, after all, a hardworking man. I am honestly always so pleasantly surprised when he hops onto instant messenger or sends an email my way. It feels good. I smile when I hear that ding! I programmed my messenger to make when he does come online. Nothing during my day makes a sweeter sound than that.

Jeremy is truly the constant of life.